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The Wilshire Sun (Turtle Point Press, 2011) is a novella that follows the misadventures of Jacob, a young Brooklyn man who moves to Los Angeles to write for the movies.

“With his surreal and paranoid debut novella, Baldwin makes a solid contribution to the subset of literature that explores the Hollywood dream….treating readers to a tantalizing glimpse beyond the edge of sanity.”
Publishers Weekly

“Hilarious….Baldwin’s use of noir’s straightforward language has a deadpan effect that supplies the novella’ s most consistent humor. This minimalist hardboiled style becomes a kind of egg-salad sandwich prose delighting in the comically flat language used to name America’ s consumer products….The absurdity of this mock plain style renders Jacob’s experience of Los Angeles amusingly deluded and off-kilter, even when (or especially when) nothing much is happening to him.”
—Quentin Ring, Chicago Review

“Like the naive main characters in so many American novels and films—say, Nathanael West’s The Day of the Locust and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive—Baldwin’s Jacob discovers Los Angeles is much different than he expected…In [his] delightful novella, disarming slackers live life on their terms, bringing to mind younger versions of The Big Lebowski.”
—Anthony Bukoski, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Baldwin’s novella tells the story of Jacob, the aimless Brooklyn writer whose comical wanderings through Los Angeles yield very little adventure, but are blissfully confusing and similarly abstract.  Baldwin smartly uses uncertainty to create humor, and a question of what is real and what is just in the narrator’s mind.”
—Jason Diamond, Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“It is a testimony to Baldwin’s talents that he was capable of making the widespread use of a risky device like inter-textuality actually work on a dramatic level.  The Wilshire Sun is an accomplished debut from a promising young writer.”
—Brian Libgober, The Lit Pub 

“A promising debut.”

Quentin Ring’s review of The Wilshire Sun in The Chicago Review on
The New Yorker‘s Page-Turner blog

 A “First Novels / Fall Fundamentals” 2011 literary pick by
Library Journal

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[Turtle Point Press, U.S.A. September 6, 2011 (Consortium, Dist.); U.K. September 22, 2011 (Turnaround, Dist.)]